Chapter 1

Prelude to Adventure

The Grim’Hol Mountain used to stand tall and mighty, casting a shadow over the Neverbloom Forest to the south and the Swamp of Linthin’eth to the west. A great dwarven mine shaft that held minerals of all kinds. The dwarves of Grim’Hol spent their days mining out minerals, drinking fine dwarven ale, and crafting weapons of great power. This was all true a long time ago. A dwarf by the name of Halcrum Trinkerfoot had invented a new and exciting explosive he wanted to try out. The dwarves’ mining had slowed as they had hit a large boulder that not even their normal explosives could break. Halcrum, declaring that this would be no problem for his new explosive sets to work on placing the bomb. Halcrum’s son Blif had always admired his fathers work and had wished to help. Without his fathers knowing he had placed more of the explosive in with what his father had planted, but unbeknown to Blif is that what he had laid was a failed attempt at the explosive which was to powerful and when placed in a large amount had its power exponentially increase. As the countdown began and the trigger pulled, it was said that the sight at Grim’Hol Mountain on that day was more brilliant then the Astral Flares that fell to the ground by the Gate of the Astral Sea. The neighboring dwarves had climbed up to Grim’Hol Mountain to find a crater almost a mile deep where the mountain once stood. Seeing an opportunity, a mighty dwarf know as Flingon the Demonslayer set out to create a town in this giant crater. Over the next 1000 years the dwarves had mined out the entrance and built the great city that is known today as Grim’Hol Downs.

Masked Man and the Sellswords

In the busy town of Grim’Hol Downs the local crier bellowed out “Listen up you cowards, anyone looking to earn a few gold and show their pride report to the Krugdum Keg Tavern in one hour. General Nalgin Swifthammer will hold a meeting to recruit some worthy adventures to help the cause of the War of Ages.”

Each adventure is on their own at the start of the adventure. They have one hour before the meeting and as sellswords who are running low on funds this is a good opportunity for them earn some money. They may explore the town, but make sure to remind them that they have only an hour to get to the tavern before they are to late.

Grim’Hol Downs: Population: 13,642 Almost all dwarves, but several other races also live here. Notable Locations: Tavern(Krugdum Keg,Ollie Krugdum); Blacksmith(Burning Anvil, Kilgrim Nosebreaker; Tailor(Finer Linens, Hannan Brown); The Military Housing; Market; Inn(Mildred Lins); Commons; Merchants Guild; Crafters Guild The Blacksmith and Tailor can make items of equal level and lower of the adventurers from the price of the item, but it will take 6 days for the item to be crafted. Due to Grim’Hol Downs being such a large city the Inn is usually very busy and only has luxury rooms available. The market has most common items and even has a wonderous item shop(the items in the shop are all fake and players will notice this with a DC 15 Arcane). Every fifth day a strange wizard appears at the market selling magical items of 3 levels higher then the adventures(a DC 30 Streetwise is required to learn about the wizards appearance or they may run into him on a day that he is at the market).

At the tavern General Swifthammer addresses the crowd of adventures that have gathered. “To the south of the city theirs been some orcs spotted spyin’ on are activity. They were seen by the farm house and we don’t believe that they quite belong their. We need some volunteers to go see what their up to and smash some greenie skulls in, which order you do it in i don’t care.”

Before the adventurers are able to respond a masked figure stands up and says “I’ll take care of them.” in a low growling voice.

The Masked Figure: For the masked figure you need to roll an NPC that is a Shifter. The masked figures name is Frost, he is reluctant to tell the adventurers, but can be persuaded if badgered enough. You can make him any class, but try to make him a melee class(i would advise making him a type that the group is lacking to help balance the group for the time that Frost is in the party. Give him some basic gear based on what the other players have and also give him a magic cloak close to his level.) Shifters are an outlawed race in most of the cradle of Moradin. After the Massacre of

Chapter 1

Defense of Grim'Hol Downs Silborn