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Defense of Grim’Hol Downs

Defense of Grim’Hol Downs is a good starting adventure that begins at level 3. This allows the players to have a bit more power, but still have the feeling that their character’s life has only just begun. Defense of Grim’Hol Downs is filled with many epic encounters giving the players more then they can ask for at every turn. The Story revolves around the dwarven town of Grim’Hol Downs which has been at war with an orc army. The goal of this adventure is to have the players level from 3 to 11 at which point they will get to be the main defense against the invaiding orc army, getting to try out their new paragon powers as they blast away all the greenskins. This is my first time DMing and also my first time trying to wright something this massive. I can only hope that the adventure turns out well and that all of those who follow this enjoy the story as well.

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